For over 64 years, Oscar M. Cortes has been handcrafting old west reproductions. Oscar inherited his work from his father who was a fine sculptor and painter that worked for more than 70 years. From childhood, Oscar was taught how to make wagons & horses, each time perfecting the art even more. After many years of studying pictures, blueprints, and old west history Oscar’s work is modeled up to the smallest details. Each piece is handmade and painted, using only the same original materials; hardwoods, metal and leather, NO plastics. His old west miniature reproductions are created using only the finest woods, sometimes dryed for more than 10 years. The only difference between the original wagon with his miniature is the size. Oscars work can be found all over the world. His work is purchased regularly by a major bank who has been a customer for more than 30 years. Other customers also include celebrities, a world known amusement park, collectors and museums around the world. Each piece is signed by Oscar himself. Due to the uniqueness of each piece of art, quantities are limited. In all his 76 years of service, Oscar works each day, just at a slower pace.



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